Technology Partners

DonateWell was designed to help innovative fundraising platforms operate within all of the requirements the IRS has for processing donations. We partner with creative social enterprises that are exploring new ways to create and inspire new philanthropy. We employ sophisticated APIs and flexible processes to help our partners empower giving in many ways. ​

There is no need for your company to register as a fundraiser in every state nor do you need to establish your own nonprofit to have a successful crowd-raising site. DonateWell provides the legal, banking and infrastructure framework to power your impact oriented enterprise.

Verified Charities API

Use our API to provide your users with a searchable database of eligible nonprofits, schools and governmental agencies.

Tax Receipts

All donations go to DonateWell as the supporting DAF. This simplifies tax receipting for you and your donors.

Charity Disbursements

DonateWell handles all the disbursements to the nonprofits, so that you can focus on building an engaging platform for giving.

Donation Processing

We provide APIs for donation processing through our merchant service, or you can use your own. Your choice.

More Control

Use as many or as little of our services as you need for your platform. We don't force you into a package you don't need.


Offer your donors the ability to select charities outside the US for their giving and we handle the disbursement.

Our Partners