Frequently Asked Questions

DonateWell serves several corporations, nonprofits and other fundraising entities as their back office donation processing system. This means, that when you recently made a donation online the service that you donated through used DonateWell to process your donation and to make sure that it reached the charity that you intended it for. You probably have a receipt in your email for your donation. Search your email for DonateWell and you'll likely see it there.
Conducting charitable giving activities through a donor-advised fund is an increasingly popular approach for individuals, families, groups, organizations, and companies that want to:
  • take an immediate federal income tax deduction, to the extent allowed by law, when contributions are made to the donor-advised fund, even if the money is not distributed to IRS-qualified public charities until subsequent years
  • consolidate and simplify donations through a charitable giving account that provides flexibility, administrative convenience, cost savings, and tax advantages
  • remain anonymous or otherwise determine how to be recognized for donations made through the donor-advised fund.
When you make a donation to to your DonateWell donor-advised fund the donation goes to DonateWell's general fund and for tax purposes is considered an irrevocable donation to DonateWell. You then have advisory privileges on the distribution and investment of funds in you account. This means that you are asking DonateWell to make a grant to the nonprofit of your choice and, when not prohibited from doing so for legal reasons, DonateWell will generally follow your advice.
Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Contributions are not refundable
  • You or any related third party will receive no more than an incidental benefit from the donation
  • You do not directly or indirectly control the grant recipient
  • You have imposed no conditions or restrictions preventing DonateWell from using the contribution to further its charitable mission and comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • You have advisory privileges on the distribution of money but you grant DonateWell exclusive legal control and ownership of your contribution​​​

Good Done Great is one of our technology partners, and is the platform where our givers can manage their DonateWell Accounts and our charity recipients can manage their donation and disbursement information.

Our API is available to look up charitable organizations and to process donations for your users. To get access and a documentation, please contact us from the Partners page.

You can use your merchant account, or ours. We don't want to put up any barriers between your success, the flexibility for donors to give, and our ability to process donations. If you use your merchant account, it will sweep into a DonateWell checking account for disbursement, so you never have to handle the funds.
Your users are your users and you own the data. Once they give they also become our users and donors and we also own that data.
Yes. As the charity that is receiving the donation, we will be communicating with our donors as it relates to how we can serve them in managing their giving. This will be discrete and not interfere with your platform.
We have some requirements that you'll need to add to your terms of service to disclose all the various fees being taken and that all donations are being made to DonateWell for advisement to the charity of their choice.

Good Done Great is one of our technology partners, and is the platform where our givers can manage their DonateWell Accounts and our charity recipients can manage their donation and disbursement information.

On the check you received will be a code that will authenticate you as an administrator of your organization's profile on Good Done Great. Follow these instructions to create an account at Good Done Great and use that code to authenticate. Once you complete your organization's profile you will be able to see and download a list of your donors.

Our database contains charities that are registered with government institutions as eligible to receive tax deductible donations. If you are not in our database and you think that is in error, please follow these instructions with our technology partner, Good Done Great.

Can't find the answer you need? Get help from our support partner, Good Done Great.